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Crystal Hair Remover

Crystal Hair Remover

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Do you love less body hair?

Removing hairs has always been painful and not so much fun.
Daisy Skin has finally the hair removal you always wanted that makes even your body smoother*.

Why You'll Love it

Everyone loves the feel of clean hairless body. Our hair remover is here to do just that.

  • Painless : Making hair removal more fun and painless! Uses Nano-Crystalline technology.

  • Smoother Skin : Refreshes your skin & making it smoother!
  • Slow Regrowth : Designed to slow hair regrowth in just a couple of sessions.
  • Easy Clean : No Need to think about cleaning Just put Under Water and Good to go

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Like a dream, life became way easier!

✨ Painless and Non-toxic
Unlike painful waxing sessions and laser treatments, this hair removal method is 100% painless!

🍑 Exfoliating
Removes dead skin cells and cleans clogged pores, leaving the skin super soft after use!

🥰 Improves skin
Thanks to nanocrystalline technology, your skin can recover to healthy and breathable skin after a few sessions!

How to use hair remover - like magic

🫶 Gently rub
Gently rub sleekly on your desired area in a circular motion and the hairs will fall out, giving you a painless experience with silky soft skin.

🧴 Cream
Do not use any cream or lotion before using sleekly.

🤦 High pressure
Do not put high pressure or rub hardly on your skin.

🫧 Easy Clean
No Need to think about cleaning Just put Under Water and Good to go

Best thing of Hair Remover is that

You can use it anywhere like legs, arms, chest, back, knuckles, bikini-line

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