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Ram Lalla

Ram Lalla

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Bring home the little Ram Lalla radiating purity, innocence, and wisdom. This finely crafted idol perfectly captures the essence of Ram Lalla of Ayodhya, depicting him in a charming child form. Whether as a focal point for worship or as a symbol of spiritual devotion, the Ram Lalla idol is sure to infuse positivity and serenity in any space. 


  • Intricate detailing capturing his innocence & purity
  • Made from polyresin infused with marble dust 
  • Features premium build and finish

Product Details:
Material: Polyresin with Marble dust 

Product Care: Avoid using abrasive chemicals, just clean it with a soft cloth.

Styling Tip: Place it in a prominent spot as the centerpiece of your home altar or display cabinet. Surround it with complementary decor like an incense holder, fresh flowers, and candles for a complete spiritual setting.

Care & Maintenance

1. Keep the dust bunnies away by using a soft cotton cloth for regular dusting.

2. Wipe the surface using a mild cleaner and a soft cloth.

3. Wipe the products with a dry cloth after cleaning it with the liquid cleaner.

4. Avoid applying or spraying cleaners directly over the product.

5. Be careful to remove any leftover residue on the metal surface.

6. Use wood-friendly cleaners to wipe the wooden blades and surface.

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