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Vodka is a natural disinfectant and antiseptic. It is used in all types of skin cells. It acts as a natural toner and due to its disinfectant properties can deep-clean pores in your skin. It will also tighten the skin of your face and can treat acne breakouts with its drying and also help in reduced blemishes. It can also act as detoxifying property. It can have a dehydrating effect by hydrating or nourishing dry or sensitive skin and disrupts the osmotic balance across the cell membrane. It can act as an antibacterial sometimes by killing bacteria, microbes, or dust which can cause acne and itching problems. It helps to clean dark spots on the face and help in the glow and shine.


(1) It acts as a disinfectant that destroys bacteria that cause acne and pimples.

(2) It is also a natural toner for clean deep pores, blackheads, and moisturizing skin of the face.

(3) It is used as dehydrating or detoxifying the skin or cells of the face.

(4) It provides a natural glow and shines on the skin of your face.

(5) It removes permanent darkness and helps in tightening the skin and provides refreshing to the skin of the face.


Wash your face two times a day. Don’t use it three times per day, it will make your skin dry.


Always keep away from sunlight and out from children.