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Roti maker

Roti maker

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This Multi-Purpose Roti Maker with Curved surface Non-stick granite coating makes your life more convenient in cooking. This plug & Play device is easy to use. Now you can easily make Roti, Paratha, Sandwich, Thepla, Uttapams, Omelettes, Cheela, Dosa, Allo Tikki etc. at your best place. 

Granite Non-stick Coating

To ensure that your rotis are cooked just right, this roti maker comes with a Granite Coating that offers long-lasting non-stick performance.

Curved Surface

This roti maker has a Concave Curved base with elevated edges to ensure that your roti stays in the centre and cooks through. It also makes flipping the roti easier.

Durable Stainless Steel Body

Crafted from Stainless Steel, the body of this roti maker is strong, shock-proof and extremely safe to use.

Adjustable Temperature Control Knob

This roti maker is equipped with an Adjustable Temperature Control Knob that lets you control the temperature at which you would like your rotis to be made.

Power Indicators

To facilitate ease of use, this roti maker comes with Power Indicators. A red light indicates that the appliance is on. A green light indicates that the appliance is still heating. Once the green light goes off, it indicates that the appliance is ready for use.


This roti maker is designed to look good on your kitchen counter while delivering optimum performance.

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