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Jasmine Oil 200ML

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CO-LUXURY Jasmine oil is highly enriched with jasmine oil, coconut oil, and almond oil, olive oil, and other ingredients which help to deeply moisturize the hair, helps in control breakage, lighter in weight which easily penetrates in hair shaft and cuticles, and deeply conditions your hair. Coconut oil helps make your hair healthier, thicker, and longer. Almonds oil nourish the hair, hydrates the scalp, and repairs damaged hair. The perfect combination of jasmine hair oil gives your hair a smooth shiny appearance from the outside while strengthening and volume from the inside.


  • Provides nourishment & strengthens your hair give it a healthier shine
  • It is light in weight and nonsticky with a soothing fragrance, easily penetrate hair roots
  • Keeps scalp hydrating and helps in repair damaged hair
  • Protect your hair from root to tip, making it strong and beautiful

How to use :

Apply a few drops directly on the scalp and massage it with fingertips, to help the oil penetrate into the roots of your hair. Leave it overnight, or for few hours. wash it with a sulfate-free shampoo.


 Jasmine oil has the properties that give hair health care and promote hair growth while olive oil is rich in antioxidants helps to maintain scalp and hair health. It prevents the hair cell from damage and nourishes and conditions the hair and improves the hair quality.


Jasmine oil with coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil is a perfect solution for all your hair problems, it stops hair fall, repairs damaged hair, strengthen hairs, gives your hair healthy growth by easily penetrate into the hair scalp, and nourishes the scalp and gives a shiny appearance to your hair.


 For best result, use 2-3 times in a week