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Essence Of Shiva

Essence Of Shiva

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📿 Two Usages: The Lord Shiva can be used with incense cones or Incense Sticks. Back flow incense might take 50-60 seconds to Start.

It is believed that the divine energy concentrated in this aniconic structure is offered prayers by showering earthly elements, mainly water or milk. This is called "Abhishekam", which is a very sacred and auspicious process in many religious faiths.
The "Essence of Shiva" gives you this benefit of Abhishek right at your home.

📿 Upgraded Cones & Fragrances : The Ceramic incense holder will arrived with upgraded cones which are longer lasting.

Use in home: At home , lit a incense , warm and comfortable , and feel comfortable , home like home. Use in the office Lit a incense , clean air , refreshing , maintain a pleasant body and mind , improve work efficiency.

Guests visit first 30 minutes before the point of a good smell of incense , is not only a courtesy, respect for the guests , but also reflects the owner elegant taste. When gentle movement exercises such as yoga , meditation and so on,the effect will be better receive.


📿 Package Included: 1 x incense holder, 30 x UPGRADED Incense Cones.


Function & Widely Use: Use the waterfall Incense Burner together with wormwood incense cone, helps to purify the air, meditate and relax, relieve stress and improve sleep quality. The cones holder can be widely used in living room, bedroom, study, office, meditation room, yoga room, hotel,etc.


This Divine Décor Of the Supreme Lord Shiva, is Beautiful and Amazing!

Hand Crafted & Mysterious Atmosphere: The Ceramic incense holders are all hand crafted. Ignite with backflow cones, the smoke steam down like a waterfall and the cone incense burner surrounded by smoke, looks wonderful and mysterious.



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