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Blackhead Remover

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Comes with 1 Black Head Remover & 4 suction heads: small, large, oval & sonic head:

Oval Head: Smooths areas with fine lines and stimulates circulation in skin
Small head- That helps unclog pores and reduces blemishes (good for sensitive skin)
Large head- Ensure deep cleaning of pores with strong suction to massage large areas of the body (torso, arms, legs, & back)
Sonic head gently loosens and exfoliate dead skin.


• 2 step adjustable suction strength, effectively sucks out the blackhead and dirt, gives a better effect if used post skin toning.
•Ensures painless blackhead removal and eliminate clogged pores 
•Easy to clean just rinse the dirty suction head,Waterproof suction head
•Great to use on face, arms, and legs

 Please don't stay the blackhead remover in one place too long, just slide the pore vacuum up and down to prevent from purple and red skin. Three adjustable suction power of the blackhead remover satisfy different type of skin demand.