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CO- LUXURY BODY, HAIR & FACE WASH is made with lavender essential oil, mixed fruit extract, wild rosehip, hyaluronic acid, and other ingredients which give a perfect head to toe body wash. It is uniquely blended into a unisex product. It gives hair and skin a perfect cleanse and refreshes skin in a single use. It removes dirt from the body, moisturizes the skin removes dryness while makes hair soft and shiny. Lavender oil helps to remove dark spots and scars from the face also helps to prevent fine lines and wrinkles.  Hyaluronic acid increases moisture to the skin, retains water, and keeps your skin hydrated and moist.


  • It provides a deep, soothing, cleaning experience to skin
  • It keeps skin hydrated and provides moisture to the skin
  • Helps stimulate the blood flow giving long-lasting freshness to the body
  • Helps clean dirt and sweat off the body
  • Makes your skin healthy and scars-free.

How to use:

Pour a small amount of body, hair, and face wash in your wet hands, work it into a rich lather, apply it to your body and gently rub it on your skin, then rinse it off with water.


Wild rosehip is rich in antioxidants, having anti-aging properties, and helps in collagen synthesis which makes your skin healthy. Cocodiethanolamide is also very beneficial in minimizing irritation to the skin.


  • CO-LUXURY BODY, HAIR & FACE WASH gives skin a perfect cleanse from head to toe in single-use. It gives skin a refresh and soothing action keeps skin hydrated and moist. Mixed Fruit Extracts are known to promote the growth of newer and healthier cells, hydrate and alleviate the discomforts of dryness, protect against the harsh effects of UV radiation, enhance elasticity, reduce the appearance of redness, irritation, hyperpigmentation, and the signs of aging. They balance the skin tone, regulate oil production, cleanse, clarify, and help prevent acne breakouts.


Use it regularly,once a day


  • For external use only.