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4 IN 1 Multipurpose Handfree Mop

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DEEP CLEANING MAGIC WAND with 360 DEGREE SWIVEL MOP HEAD makes it EASIER to reach under furniture and around sharp corners. No more hurting your back just to clean your floors with 360 SWIVEL ACTION you are provided with FLEXIBILITY, REACH, and MANEUVERABILITY. Clean in any direction at any time While being easy to use. picks up dirt, dust, and grime at every turn; and cleaning the mop head is even EASIER than ever Dip the mop head in the bucket and it expels the dirty water

POWERFUL MICROFIBER PADS that help with a more detailed and dependable clean-up time. The HIGH-QUALITY REFILL PADS picks up dust, absorbs liquid, debris, and hair Great for dry or wet use you are able to clean your space is a breeze The microfiber pads are multipurpose and are machine washable. Use for effortlessly floor cleaning and dusting Once you're finished mopping just throw the pad in the washing machine and use it again


  • 1*Washable Microfiber Pads

  • 1-Mop Bucket

  • Mop Extension Handle

  • 1*360° Swivel Head Plate

  • 1*Wash and Dry cover

Product Dimension

Bucket size

Height: 37 CM

Width: 20CM

length: 17 CM

Flat Mop Size

Height:128 CM

Width: 33 CM

length: 12 CM