Unique Corporate Gift Ideas For Clients And Partners

Unique Corporate Gift Ideas For Clients And Partners

Corporate gift-giving is essential to maintaining cordial relationships within the corporate world. Finding the right gift for your employees/clients can be an exhausting process with so many options available. You have to find out what they like, and it has to be personal at the same time.

Consolidated List Of Corporate Gift Ideas

To save you some time, we have come up with a consolidated list of unique corporate gift-giving ideas. Some of these ideas include personalized mugs, gourmet baskets, and desks. You can choose from them for your next gift-giving opportunity and impress your clients or colleagues.

1. Recess Box

This box should contain items that help your employees relax during the weekend. The box can have facemasks, a spa package, Bluetooth headphones, a journal to write their thoughts down, and a bar of candy.

2. Booze

Nothing like a peg of Johnny Walker. A few shots down and everyone is everyone’s friend. Help your employees who have an expensive taste for liquor.

You can even give them a list from which they can choose from.

3. Shopping Experience

This is a gift that everyone would love. You can give your employees coupons and vouchers for their favorite shopping destinations.

4. Snack Box

This is for all the movie buffs in your company. This thoughtful gift box can be made up of favorite movie night snacks like popcorn & toppings for it, nuggets, doughnuts, etc. You can even go one step ahead and give a cozy blanket along with this box.

5. Travel Bags

This is a super useful gift. If your employees travel quite often then this is the right choice. You can even go ahead and engrave your company’s logos and slogan on it.

6. Sponsor A Health Check Up

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on everyone's health. As a timely help, you sponsor your employees a complete health checkup. You can go one step ahead and offer to sponsor therapy sessions for employees who are in need of it.

7. Go Green Box

You can give your employees a sapling that they can grow or gift them air plants. Air plants are very low maintenance. They do not need soil, as they can even grow on concrete. In this new era where everyone is becoming a pet parent or a plant parent, this would be a great gift-giving idea.

8. Inner Child Healing Box

This box is made up of toys that today’s kids play with or toys that we as kids used to play with such as teddy bears, rag dolls, toy cars and planes, a ball, and a bat. You can add coloring books and color pencils as well to this. This box will take your employees back to their childhood.

9. A Vacation

You can give a 2-day fully paid vacation as a gift to your best employees. Nothing like unwinding on a vacation where you don’t have to spend a penny. You can send your employees on paid vacations for them to completely relax without worrying about work and money.

10. Good Luck Charms

If you are a believer in luck and energy, then this gift will be suitable for you. You give your employees/clients lucky charms, hamsa hand pendants, crystals, etc. You can send them positive energy by energizing these crystals and pendants before giving them as a gift.


One way to connect with people is to give them gifts that have meaning. When you do this, you show that you understand what they like and value. You also communicate your feelings of thankfulness, admiration, or affection for them. By giving meaningful gifts, you can make them happy and create memories that last.

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