How To Personalize Corporate Gifts To Make Them More Meaningful?

How To Personalize Corporate Gifts To Make Them More Meaningful?

Gifts may be easy to come by, but making sure that they are meaningful is the hard part. Meaningful corporate gifts are generally have a form of personalization.

You have to take into consideration what your employees love, who they are, and how you can make each gift a little bit more different for each person.

Table of Contents

1.  Are Corporate Gifts?

2. How To Personalize Corporate Gifts?

2.1. Make It Personal
2.2. Plan Early
2.3. Focus On Products That Adds Value
2.4. Add Branding
2.5. Include Bonus Alongside The Main Gift
2.6. Showcase Your Brand Value

3. What Makes A Corporate Gift More Meaningful?

4. Conclusion


What Are Corporate Gifts?

Corporate gifting is an act of giving a tangible present to an employee or a client in order to deepen the relationship between the receiver and the company or brand. Branded swag and personalized care packages are two examples of tangible business presents.

How To Personalize Corporate Gifts?

Corporate gifting has come a long way from those days of pens, and mugs. These days, there are all kinds of ways to connect with your employees and customers through incredible personalized gifts. Here's how to choose:

Make It Personal

Coming up with a meaningful gift is a process and usually will be different for each company. You can aim for a personalized bottle of wine or a personalized piece of jewelry, options are almost endless. You can also add a favorite quote or a milestone for each employee.

Personalized gifts are a popular gifting trend. They can show a personal connection and fit under any situation. It is important to distinguish each employee and make them feel like an individual.

Start Planning Early

When it comes to corporal gift-giving, it is never too early to start the planning. When you plan early, you have the time to figure out what you want exactly and where to get it from.

Planning early will also allow you to make sure the gift is as meaningful as possible. You can take the extra time to figure out important dates or events that you may want to incorporate into a personalized gift. Depending on the gift, you may even have to gather extra materials such as pictures, and nameplates.

Focus On The Products That Add Real Value

The aim of corporate gifting should always be to make an emotional impact on the employees.

First, know who you are giving your gift to. If you are sending gifts to an employee, how can you make them feel proud of working with you?  It might be worth sending a gift that promotes their wellness and good mental health to show how much you value them. 

Add Branding

Adding your logo is a great way to do it. For example, placing your logo over a shirt or blanket is an excellent way to ensure employees might want to avoid using it or keep it classic with a small logo and a reference to the company’s slogan.

Include A Bonus Alongside The Main Gift

Personalized handwritten notes make huge difference to any corporate gifts. A handwritten or personalized message from the company owner can go a long way.

Showcase Your Brand Value

If you want to remind an employee of the compassionate side of your company, that case, you can focus heavily on products associated with self-care and relaxation, like scented candles. 

What Makes A Corporate Gift More Meaningful?

Show your employees that you really get them, and you know that you matter to them through the gift. Reflect personally on the connection the two of you share. Capture a specific time in their life.


Custom-branded corporate gift boxes are an excellent way to convey appreciation to your employees and clients. They have the potential to boost goodwill, consumer happiness, and staff satisfaction. Corporate giving is a method of expressing gratitude to your staff, who work diligently every day to assist clients.


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