How OneSkyShop's Eco-friendly Corporate Gifting Products Can Help Businesses Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

In today's world, businesses are responsible for minimising their environmental impact and contributing to sustainability efforts. One way to achieve this is by choosing eco-friendly corporate gifting products. At OneSkyShop, we understand the importance of reducing carbon footprints and offer a wide range of eco-friendly gifts that help businesses align with their sustainability goals. These products showcase a company's environmental commitment and are a powerful tool to raise awareness and inspire positive change. By selecting our eco-friendly corporate gifts, businesses can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and foster a greener future.

1. Hammered-Style Copper Bottle with Glass Hammered-Style Copper Bottle with Glass

[Cost - Rs 1575]

Pure copper bottle with 2 two glass sets is authentically handcrafted using ancient hammering techniques for a seamless look & feel. This premium copper bottle keeps water cool, and the leakproof lid makes it the perfect companion for their traveling. Doctors suggest drinking water from copper utensils is more beneficial for improving your health.

Health Benefits

  • This could be used by any age group and there will be no side effects.

  • Drinking water from copper in the morning with an empty stomach so will help to balance all three doshas in our body (vata, pitta,kapha,).

  • Copper destroys bacteria very effectively and helps to clean water

  • Helps in slowing down the aging process.

  • Copper also helps the human body to break down fat and eliminates it more efficiently.

2. Copper Gifting Hampers Plates

[Cost - Rs 1,100]

This Copper tray is a great versatile accent and gives a beautiful look to one’s home. It has a rose design on both sides to give an elegant look. It can also be used as an elite serving set for dining purposes. It is made up of pure copper & is shatterproof. With an antique and traditional look, this can be used for gifting to your near and dear ones.

3. Hammered Design Copper Thali Set

[Cost - Rs 1,475]

The authentic copper thali gift set which includes 2 bowls, 1 round plate, and a glass is authentically handcrafted by using ancient hammering techniques for an elegant & seamless look. Use these copper eating utensils and tableware items to get an authentic Indian dining experience. Doctors suggest that using copper utensils in day-to-day life is more beneficial for your health.

4. Hammered Design Copper Jug & Glass with Tray

[Cost - Rs 2,550]

This premium rectangular copper serving tray Jug & glass combo gift set is authentically handcrafted by using ancient hammering technique for an elegant & seamless look. Use these water glasses along with Jug & other copper tableware items to get an authentic & luxurious Indian dining & serving experience. Doctors suggest that drinking water from copper utensils is more beneficial for improving your health.

5. Wooden Storage Bowls with Spoon

[Cost - Rs 1,200]

Add some unique collections to their kitchen with these designer bowls. These bowls are specially handcrafted from a single piece of Sheesham wood. These bowls can be used to store & serve fruits & dry fruits. This is ideally designed for everyday use but can also be used for creative display. It makes a perfect gift for occasions like Housewarming parties, Diwali, Eid, Marriage & corporate gifts, for Office Colleagues – Friends.

In conclusion, choosing eco-friendly corporate gifting products from OneSkyShop allows businesses to actively contribute to reducing their carbon footprint and promoting sustainable practices. By opting for gifts made from sustainable materials, encouraging reuse and recycling, and supporting carbon-neutral or offset initiatives, companies can demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility. Moreover, these eco-friendly gifts serve as a powerful symbol of a company's values and can inspire recipients to adopt more sustainable practices in their personal and professional lives. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the planet while showcasing our dedication to sustainability through thoughtful and eco-conscious corporate gifting.

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