10 Creative Uses For Portable Security Cameras

10 Creative Uses For Portable Security Cameras

Security cameras have become a need now more than ever. Apart from monitoring pets and capturing what happens outside the house. We have come up with non-conventional ways to make use of your portable security cameras.

A portable security camera is easy to use, unlike the traditional ones. You can mount it wherever you want. A portable security camera is a versatile and useful tool that can help you keep an eye on what matters most to you.

Table Of Contents

1. 10 Creative Uses For Portable Security Cameras

1.1. Time Lapse

1.2. Natural Calamity Monitoring

1.3. Vacation Monitoring

1.4. Stream Your Life

1.5. Nanny Cam

1.6. Automation Of Home Appliances

1.7. Document Your lifestyle

1.8. Make A Home Movie

1.9. Monitoring Bugs And Pets

1.10. Evidence Collection

2. Conclusion

10 Creative Uses For Portable Security Cameras

A portable security camera has many advantages and uses for different situations and places. It can send the video it records to a wireless device, so you can easily access and watch it. It can also be a good investment, as it can help you secure your property and belongings, as well as your family and pets. But here are some of the unique benefits of using a portable security camera:

1. Time Lapse

Who doesn't love a time-lapse video? Watching your daily activities, watching yourself draw a rangoli on time-lapse on your porch, and watching you have a fun time with your friends and family. You make think that this can be done using any normal camera, but live footage will be captured with Security cameras only.

2. Natural Calamity Monitoring

With global warming and climate change on the rise, natural disasters are more prone than ever. When nature knows no bounds and unleashes her fury, a portable security camera might be of great help in claiming insurance. You can show the live footage that was recorded and claim your insurance money. It can even serve as evidence against someone making a false claim against your business.

3. Vacation Monitoring

Are you paranoid about leaving your home unattended while you are on your vacation? You don't have to be anymore. You can now watch what is happening inside and outside your home with just one click.

You can check the surveillance footage to check if your house help has done his/her job. You can check if the package that you ordered is still on your veranda. Lastly, you can be assured that your kids won’t throw a huge party when you are not around.

4. Stream Your Life

Why should reality TV stars have all the fun? With so many streaming platforms available, you can stream your daily life and try your luck. This is a bizarre idea but is still a good one.

In 1996, there was a similar streamer named “Jennicam”. You could watch whatever Jenifer did in her life just by simply tuning in. The cam footage had everything - from reading to writing to sleeping.

If this is too much for you, you can show only the happening moments of your life. If there is a party happening, you can live stream it, and people who were not able to make it can watch it via the link.

5. Nanny Cam

If you have a newborn at home, a nanny cam is a must. While your child is sound asleep in his/her crib, you can watch him/her from your living room. Nanny cams can help you detect any abnormal sleeping patterns that your child may be going through. The moment any movement is detected you would get a notification.

If you plan on leaving your child at home with a babysitter while you are out, you can monitor what is happening back at home. A nanny cam will definitely give you some peace of mind. A nanny cam is an essential investment if you are expecting or already have a little one.

6. Automation Of Home Appliances

You come home after a tiring day at work and your house feels like an over. You don't have to experience this again. You can link your security camera to the devices in your home. The moment you arrive at your doorstep, home automation can help trigger the AC, it can turn your lights and fan on, switch on your TV, etc. If you are skeptical about getting a portable security camera, don't be. It is the right time to get one.

7. Document Your lifestyle

Use a security camera to monitor your daily activities. You can watch what you do throughout the day and monitor your productivity. You can even use it to help you find any redundant habits that stunt your progress. You can use the record option throughout the night to watch your sleeping patterns. If anyone sleepwalks in your home, a portable security camera can be of great help in monitoring their movements and guarantee their safety.

8. Make A Home Movie

Anything can happen at any moment. No, I’m not talking about unfortunate events, but fortunate ones. Portable security cameras can help you capture your life's special moments in a very candid way. For example, imagine your boyfriend of 5 years finally decides to propose to you but forgets to hire a professional photographer or your child takes hits one of their first milestones and you are not able to find a camera. A portable security camera will be right there in your living room to capture valuable moments like this in real time.

9. Monitor Bugs And Pests

Imagine, you have spent a week pruning and decorating your garden, only to wake up and find that it has been. You’d want to find out who or what did it right? Most of the time it would have been your friendly neighborhood squirrel or some other pest.

Although you won’t be able to stop them with the use of a security camera, it would at least give you some peace of mind after finding the reason behind your messy garden. You can also shoo them away if you are around once the motion sensors pick up any sign of movement.

10. Evidence Collection

If you live in a crime-prone area or not, a security camera can help you collect evidence in case a crime occurs. The footage recorded can be used to identify burglars and vandals around your house and neighborhood. It can be used as evidence material that can speak for you in court or other law enforcement settings. It will give the exact moment something occurred. Visual evidence is always stronger.

With its pros comes its cons. Any visual data should be handled with care to avoid invading the privacy of others. A data leak is highly possible if the collected material is not stored with care.


Installing security cameras is a smart way to prevent issues. They are low-maintenance and reliable for a long time. They not only improve the safety of your work or home environment, but they also offer many other advantages. It is better to be prepared than to wish you had been later. If you don’t have a good surveillance system yet, get one as soon as you can.

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